SP toped or ozzie123 will leave ET for eternity

Discussion in 'Trading' started by FREElunch, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. YEs

    SP down on monday or Ozzie123 is so out of here

    I am not Ozzie123, but I think he should be out of here if I am wrong, :p
  2. ozzie123


    What the...

    Get ready for my lawyer will knock on your door for infringing my username on this forum... or not :D

    We'll see today and there's no such thing as freelunch :D
  3. hey wow I am impressed how quickly you showed up

    I am glad you understand my humor

    okay lets have this thread die now

    see ya
  4. ozzie123



    I thought we're here to stay, come on, I haven't had a free lunch in a long time now :p

    Well anyway, I don't know about you but I think that SP will still goes up tonight (although nearing its top) -- does that mean I have to leave ET :confused:
  5. see here is the thing

    in the last 3 days SP ran out of steam

    now, it makes sense to have a small pull back monday morning

    I day trade so for me when I say top, I mean for 1 day or 2 no more

    but hey I've been wrong before.

    so what's it like in land down under.

    you know that classic song, "where women glow and men plunder"

    I am 24 and that song is new to me, so I was listening to that recently

    makes me want to visit "Australia" (with accent)
  6. ozzie123


    Yup I got your point. It's just make sense that after the big gap and exhausting rally, SP will make a pullback.

    I don't know how long will the pullback be but using sell put two times of its current price wouldn't hurt any options trader (I mean, SP is pretty 'stable' compared to DJIA)

    24 and daytrade, that's hot (with Paris Hilton-ish accent).
  7. Yup 24 but guess what

    age of my soul, about 160 years

    had to grow up in few seconds during last war.

    but I still have fun every now and then, bit of a instigator I am afraid :D

    time to chg nick name and disappear

    look me up under new nick name

    HITLER clone from Brazil :eek:
  8. ozzie123


    Dude, you have a weird way to spend your time...

    Well anyway, Hitler clone from brazil? Who, Vargas? Couldn't think of any