SP 500 Weekly chart DOJI Star

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  1. Text book scarry, long green candle, followed by a perfect DOJI Star. And its a weekly chart, man I am shaking in my boots.

    Maybe thats a long legged DOJI.

    I would be willing to bet, the forces that be will override that baby come monday.

    Good news is on the way just watch.
  2. Is it vanilla-scented? Those "things" seem to occur at the top and bottom of the trend-channel. If you're "short", you should be concerned. We'll see what happens later.
  3. I agree that the dailies imply some sort of stalling and temporary fall backward, but on a more positive note the Commercials had a shift to the long side (but are mostly still short on a percentage basis).
    Previously whenever the the headlines spoke of rate pauses the market rallied wildly like it did on January 3rd- We haven't seen that this time although the futures imply a pause.
    But if I were a diehard chartist ignoring events I'd say we're gonna stay in the channel at least a few more days- I'm short YM at the moment and hope to at least break even, had some running around to do - CBOT closed for a while- didn't place a limit order- missed a decent exit- chart looks toppy.:) :confused:

    Best of chance to all!

  4. very nice picture - da vinci never made something so beautiful.... :cool: :cool: :D
  5. Barron's article says Goldman Sachs bets for a .25 point hike on the next meeting.
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    S&P made higher LOW and higher HIGH :)
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    I hear they're from the Doji star.

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  8. Remember what Allan Farley wrote: "Whatever is obvious is obviously wrong."