SP 500 tommorow direction.

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  1. Based on price action prior today closing, direction after Tuesday opening will be down, reversal is due around 13:15 est and IMO it will be a top. How significant reversal will it be ? I have no idea .
    This is for those who were curious about this new approach.
  2. nkhoi


  3. I didn't get the email. Was the old approach abandoned? Too good?
  4. What new approach? Details :)

  5. DOWN
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  7. I also see down.
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  9. Might as well BUY since the majority of ET'ers are looking to short :D

  10. I have noticed that when price deviates from LR line and there is a divergence ( or convergence ) at the end of the day, the price moves in direction of a divergent ( convergent ) indicator .
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