SP 500 bottom in ? Baron , notice

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Walther, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. As predicted yesterday, today 9:45 level on SP500 was an important level to take trade from. General direction was up as predicted.
    Do you think that low for a day is in place or do you feel that selloff is coming later today ?

    It would be nice if moderators delete all non trading related responses to this tread.
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    "Quote from Walther:

    I feel that price got too oversold so my bias is on the upside .

    BUT because I did not see any consolidation at the end of yesterday I think that there will be spike down

    Of course, there is a possibility that I am wrong and everything will be upside down. "

    In the vernacular, this is called "CYA".
  3. Would someone, kindly, post 2 min chart of SP 500 ? I would like to show something .
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    here ya go...times are central
  5. internals not looking so hot, it's pretty thin too out there.
  6. So with a 20min envelope either side, as you normally have, then you can claim a point anywhere in the first 1/2hr of trading and say, in retrospect of course, that there was a good point to trade from.

    This shit is getting tired with these endless threads from Walther with his 'times' and claiming "success" in hindsight. Don't dare to disagree or criticize him as you will get a barrage of insults from him.

    To any new members of ET who do not know who Walther is: his agenda for being on ET is to try and attract paying clients. He gives times of the day where he says something will happen, puts a wide envelope round the time and then comes back later, in hindsight, and finds something that occured within that envelope on some timeframe, using some indicator. We all get a "told you so" at the end of the day. He has NEVER once, in real time, shown a trade that he actually took.

    If you end up paying this joker for his 'times' then you get what you deserve.

    I challenge Walther to just once, show a trade, as he takes it. Show a trade in real time, winner or loser, it doesn't matter, and you will never hear from me again in any of your threads.
  7. You can challenge some of your blind pups club to your kiddie trading contest. I will not waste my time with liar like you.
    Providing that you have a charting, were you able to look at SP500 chart at 9:45 and place a trade ? If not ,you are not ready to trade. You knew one day ahead but still could not decide on direction ? Well then this is not for you. Put me on ignore .
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    I have watched the debate between Walter and his critics for awhile now and I have thought much the same as they have about posting some realtime trades. But I also understand his side and that many times a poster only opens themselves up for more criticism by sharing.

    I have no idea if what he does is valid or not, but he sent me a chart with a projection and asked if it was ok to post. I am not the moderator of this thread, but I don't see a problem with posting a chart to help illustrate his methods.

    So here it is, along with his comments on how to use it.

    "this is the simplest method of predicting point time when price will move . experience is needed to recognsize when to take a trade and sometimes time is needed to let trade develop . As price making new tops and bottoms you go forward and draw another triangle. Triangle is pointing to the 14:35 area and CCI divergence will determine direction."
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    I have to agree with Macal425. If indeed Walther has been charging fees for his expertise to ET members, then he should post sample trades in real time...or not post information on trades at all.

    A recent post by an ET member who evidently paid Walther was quite negative on his experience. So it is only natural that given this, and the general vague nature of his predictions, he has a credibility issue.
  10. None of a members of ET took my course so evidently the person whom you are referring and no doubt verified his claims before attacking me is a liar .
    Credibility issue lies with you, because you have joined liars knowing very well the truth . You and others apparently conveniently invented someone to make knowingly false claims .
    I believe that you are intelligent enough to verify someone claims before accusing me, so because you bringing this up again, you are no doubt behind this fabrication Present a proof that someone paid me 1,600 for my course . Till you do that you are a liar and fraud .
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