Soymeal/Beanoil spread

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  1. Watching the July spread approach even. I am not a fundamental trader but a small amount of internet research suggests that a couple of factors may be causing the BO to substantially outperform: 1) DDGs which I know even less about than soybeans! :) and 2) strength in vegetable oils in general. Looking for some commentary on these ideas and opinions on whether or not we might see BO with a premium...
  2. 1) ?....Soybean oil, instead of being viewed as "food", is being viewed as an energy source and is being dragged higher by crude oil? :eek:
    2) ?....There may be a weather-related expectation that this years soybean crop will contain less soybean oil compared to the soybean meal? :confused:
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    mark my word, if u trade grain based on fundamental news above, u will lose.

    99.9% of all these grain commentaries do not work.

  4. why don't you focus on crush and reverse crush spreads for soy complex. they have natural and logical resistance and support levels.
    crushing is a simple operation. BO and feed are completely different products whose only similarity is they both are derived from soy
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    Hello guys,

    can anybody recommend a website where I can draw charts for equity spreads like the one you were discussing here SM/BO?

    SM has a point value of 100$ and BO 600$ so if you want to draw a proper chart you need to apply the different multipliers in order to show the dollar value.

    I used to do it before on but that does not work anymore. that one is also working but unfortunately one day delay and no option to draw equity spread charts.
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    are u serious? Or is this a joke? If u are looking for chart to draw, u need to subscribe a platform (CQG, X_Trader, esignal). Or u can subsribe to the gecko software. They are ok.
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    yeah I am serious. It wa possible to do on before and it was free (data 15 minutes delayed). Also it worked on the Nextrend Software which was also free and in realtime.
    And all I ask is if somebody knows another source and you definitely don't.
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    I wrote to u. cqg, x_trader, esignal, or gecko software. If you are looking for something FREE, good luck
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    ok, thanks for your suggestion. Maybe somebody else?
  10. If you are trading and can't pay for a platform, perhaps you should find another line of work.
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