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  1. Mike, now I see what you mean about TB stealing your stuff. You mean the movie like yours, right? Not only is yours better, it is for real and ahead of the market- not after the fact. Slight difference!
  2. It's too bad TraderBrad is a shyster. I think I could use knowing the exact closes and opens before it opens. :) LOL
  3. I apologize for communicating that TraderBrad is a shyster. I have been contacted to explain why. I withdraw my statement he is a shyster.
  4. Who told you to take back the statement that TB is a shyster?
  5. We have been contacted via telephone by a representative of Brad Caldwell communicating I will receive written notice that I am "defaming and slandering" TraderBrad.

    Just be careful.
  6. jrs3


    Beans are toast, look out below!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. You think?
  8. WOW! This guy is something else. Wait, is that defamous or slanderous speech?!

    Word to TaderBrad: Look at WHY the people are saying these things instead of trying to prevent them from speaking their mind. Better for business, if for no other reason.

  9. Soybeans must be fun maybe I should look at this market one day :D

    btw from the incredible skolnicks the man who fears nothing with his heavy paralitic handicap kind of modern Daredevil if you don't know him here's a taste

    Depicted above is the new book Illinois Justice by Kenneth Manaster, a law professor, who tells all the ins and outs of one of the biggest judicial bribery scandals in U.S. history. The scandal catapulted John Paul Stevens, special counsel to an investigating commission, to fame as a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. The commission heard bribery accusations tendered by legal researcher Sherman Skolnick, which made him likewise well known. Skolnick uncovered documents in the basement of a county building showing that two judges on the Illinois Supreme Court were bribed by a banker, Theodore Isaacs, former chief tax collector of Illinois, to wipe out criminal charges against Isaacs. In August 1969 Time Magazine featured a story about Skolnick and the Illinois scandal that later finally put the former director of the Illinois Department of Revenue in jail along with his accomplice, a sitting federal appeals court judge.
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