Soybeans v.s. dairy

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  1. Do you think more Americans will become vegetarians because of MCD? No burgers, no cheese, no milk, no icecream? That will be very interesting.
  2. NoMoreOptions> Do you think more Americans will become vegetarians because of MCD?

    No burgers, no cheese, no milk, no icecream?
    · A:A Vegan is a person who doesn't consume any animal products. Some vegans avoid honey and sugar while others may choose to eat it. Most vegans also try to avoid wearing leather, wool , etc.
    · A: A vegetarian is someone who doesn't consume red meat,chicken,pork,fish or seafood. [​IMG]
    · A:1.Lacto-ovo-vegetarian-excludes meat, poultry, and fish. Includes eggs, dairy products, milk and plant foods.

    2.Lacto-vegetarian-includes all dairy products and plant foods. Excludes eggs, meat, poultry and fish.

    3.Ovo-vegetarian-includes eggs but excludes meat,poultry,fish,and dairy products.
    · A:The truth is flesh foods are not required in the human diet,nor are they essental for proper nutrition. Not only can we "get along" without meat eating,but we can also as vegans/vegetarians improve our health,save money,put less strain on our planet's resources,and sit down to eat knowing that we minimized our praticipation in the needless suffering of our fellow creatures.
    · A:Breakfast cereals, soy milk and vegetarian burger patties that are fortified with vitamin B12. Also they could take a B-12 vitamin.
    · A:Vegetarians can get protein from cheese,milk, etc. Vegans can get protein from soy milk,soy burgers, soy cheese,nuts, etc. The "average" american diet has way too much protein in it. Too much protein is not a good thing.


    I definitely think that more people will become vegans or vegetarians because of this crisis.

    This has shown many of us how the government is lame in protecting our food supply. It's profit first, safety of the consumer is second. When we hear how the government is NOT protecting our food supply, we must ask ourselves some important questions. Perhaps we individuals need to take our health into our own hands and eat a purer diet. Nearly all dairy products are full of hormones and other additives that are not natural. Our bodies are accumulating toxic chemicals at alarming rates. is an excellent source of helpful information for the consumer. I have no financial ties to the site, so I am just sharing.

    I have been a vegetarian and because of what I am reading now, I have decided to become a vegan.

    Just my thoughts....
  4. Hilarious, ooO!

    Here is another one. Check out traders' testimonials at
    and see surprising performance you may never achieve without being a vegie.

  5. ... there can be accidental mixing of the brain and spinal cord with meat during slaughter or in mechanical meat separation processes used in producing fillings for sausages, hamburger and patties, therefore providing the means by which the faulty prion makes its way to the plate and be consumed. Dairy products are believed to be safe.
  6. I know dairy may be safe. But my question is this. Does traders who have soybean diet perform better than those who have dairy diet?