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Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by VictorS, Oct 12, 2005.

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    I've just started looking into trading soybeans. Anyone care to post recommendations on different resources, forums, pitfalls/advantages, etc.

    By the way, any thoughts/opinionson today's gap up?
  2. The CBOT site has nice market commentary, you probably know this. I don't read it though since it poisons my trading mind. The next typical annual move is the rise of the Jan Soybeans from Nov 1 to Nov 17th or so.

    Best of luck
  3. The website has the DTN commentary posted for free and a fair bit of local elevator prices too. It never hurts to help out a good boy from the Bruce (website owner Joe Dales) even if he is a swamper.
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    thanks guys. I appreciate you taking the time to post.
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    oh, by the way, according to the CBOT commentary, yesterday funds were buyers of over 15,000 contracts. Also, the USDA boosted China's import demand report to a record 27.5 million tonnes for 2005/06 season from 25.7 million tonnes versus last year's 16.93 million tonnes.

    Cash 545-5 +24
    Nov 588-2 - 0-6 81,289 127,592
    Jan 601-4 + 0-4 25,884 86,056
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    Any thoughts on slippage and liquidity?

    Earlier I asked about that daily gap. I found this link about Soybean gaps. Of course it is not absolute, but someone might be interested in reading it.