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  1. hi, are there any good websites to do research on soybeans before putting up a trade on it?

    things like export/import figure or something like that? not too sure about this.

    any expert in soybeans trading futures care to share your way of trading soybean futures?

    thank you

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    IMO, to trade soyabean esp soyoil, you need to look at Malaysian palm oil...palm oil is soyoli competior in world mkt...the chart patterns are about the same, but MPO is more volatile...

    but , honestly, i will trade based on soyoil chart alone > less headache.. :p
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  4. does that mean using purely technical analysis?

    some traders i know they trade using knowledge like seasonal trading on soybeans knowing the havest period of this commodity. is that a good method?

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    soybean/oil charts, yes, technical way..

    some traders may use fundamental-seasons, i think its okay if u want to focus on soy only,

    but irrelevant to MPO - reason > in tropical climate, no such thing as seasonals, more so in current situation of global warming ...where no more clear monsoons seasons like in 70s, and palm tree is quite diseases-resistants . .

    Consumers buy MPO in bulk, and these consumers are not just refineries but big govs such as China & India..hence volatility is quiet unpredictable... .I think 99% retail trders of MPO is doomes to failed.......many forums dedicated to MPO retails trader are dormant for years..not like ET ..... I live in Malaysia, and have observed this for quite a longgg time.

    thats why i honestly suggest to u to use TA as your primary indicator, Eventhugh, as I said soy and MPO has the same chart pattern, the play styles are can only day trade MPO, but you can position trade soybeans... confusing right ??you may check MPO chart at futuresource, but not sure the code

    I think enough info for u.. good luck
  6. markets are very fndamental right now i think beans will run again, wheat will too im looking at bying some pts on 09 corn
  7. have you all heard of liberty trading group? they specialise in options selling on commodities and they also have newsletter.

    however, opening an account with them requires $50000. but i think they provide their professional fundamental analysis services to you once u open an account with them.

    not sure whether IB offers this type of fundamental analysis service to their clients too? or any other big brokerages?
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    With my small opinion selling Options is a Way to Catastrophy.

    i believe that have find some interesting Sites after some personal job.

    Some of the best that i had find i send it below...

    I believe that you will find them interesting...

    Cover many things...

    Here are:,3181,1033,00.html ,

    2 Days Reports of CBOT in Major Agricultural Commodities. ,

    for a good coverage you will need the Price Perceptions Issues and the Grain Insight Issues. ,

    that you will see the ICG Grain Market Report.

    Current Precipitation Forecast for the World:

    (Make Mouse click in the Left for to see Precipitation & Rainfall Estimates for to see some more things and also for to change Continents go to the Global Home in the Left of that internet page again.)

    Ground Water:

    Waters Monitor:

    I hope to like you all of them...

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  9. thats really being much appreciated, george. :) thank you.
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