Soybeans Murder!

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  1. Hey, I realized that whenever I buy 3 contracts of Soybeans say at 7.85 the system actually buys it at 7.87 and I lose money. When I sell, it sells at a price lower than what it should actually sell for.. Why is this happening? I feel like I'm being screwed over every f'in trade I make. I buy, the wave goes down, I sell, the wave jumps up. Wtf?
  2. Can you please elaborate on your problem (broker, platform, contract month, electronic or floor)?
  3. i actually lost 1 grand today for me that's a lot so no i'm really not ready to elaborate but I will tell you the broker, i use alaron and i'm using strategy runner platform. anything else you need with that?
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    freedom-fries, please.
  5. Are you using the ECBOT or are your orders going to the floor?
    Limit orders in the front months (and I assume you were buying SK7) on the ECBOT are pretty good, very little slippage in my experience...
    In the further back months it can be a bit spottier. SPreads are wider, but not by too much...
  6. I'm guessing that you're talking about the May contract, but I was mostly curious about electronic versus floor.
  7. Are they displaying average cost as opposed to average price?

    I don't know what their commissions are, but a limit buy at 7.85 that gets filled at 7.87 would be reasonable if you're paying a $100 commission.

    In any case, if you're getting a fill above your limit, something is seriously wrong.
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    Seems to happen with the electronic grains even with Limit bloody idea why
  9. Really?! And you're not raising hell with your broker?

    I've traded electronic corn, wheat, soy, and soy meal and have *never* gotten a fill outside of my limit. If I did, Interactive Brokers would be hearing about it.

    With ECBOT, this seems pretty unlikely. It's not like the computer is going to "fudge" on a limit order. I could see someone in the pit getting a bad fill, calling it a "fast market", or saying your order is "not held", but ECBOT?
  10. I must be missing something? :confused:

    A Limit buy for 7.85 had better get filled at 7.85 or better!

    But of course your *total* cost number has commish in it...
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