Soybean processing

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    Do you know how much time it takes to processors to crush soybeans into oil and meal?

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  2. Not very long.
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    Back to this topic, I would like to know if commercials are always playing same expiration for soybean and products. Are they always playing Mar/Mar/Mar, Aug/aug/Aug, Nov/dec/dec...? They never buy Soy in Mar to to deliver products in october for example... I am asking for known industry crush practices.

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  4. Why are you assuming that is the case? If storage and interest costs were low enough to warrant storing beans and crushing them in 6 months, there would be no rational not to take advantage.

    The typical structure you're looking for is front+1 crush spread. Same for the crude crack - one month processing time.
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    It was a question in fact. I forgot the "?". Thanks for the info.