soybean complex in Chicago

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by tallent_e, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Did you notice that soyoil has tended to trend in the opposite direction of soybean and soymeal at the opening of the electronic session in Chicago, and at some points during the day session, these last days?

    Pretty unusual, right? Do you see any peculiar reason for this to happen now?

  2. Soyoil continues to go the other way.
    It was the case at the opening once again last night.
    And, soyoil closed down up, while beans and meals were down at the close in the normal session in Chicago, today.
    Any input?
  3. ?......soybeans are being crushed for the meal, not the oil. The oil would be the "laggard". :cool:
  4. I agree, and one can argue that according to some old economic theories the prices of 2 byproducts of a same say feedstock move in the opposite way.
    But, it sems to me the behaviour now of the prices in the soybean complex is quite unusual.