Soybean byproducts dollar value

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    I am a beginner with soybean futures and would like to know how dollar values work for soybean oil and meal.

    If I buy ZS (Soybeans) at 886.00 and sell it at 887.00 I will make $50

    How about ZL (Soybean Oil) buy 28.00, sell 29.00 and ZM (Soybean Meal) buy 330.00, sell 331.00?

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    You can do the research yourself at the CME website, if that is the exchange you are trading them on.

    In case you are not good at maths, on ZL, one point would get you $600, and one point on ZM would get you $100.
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    Have you tried the new soybean-meal crust at Papa Johns yet?
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    *sighs* Kill you. I am no longer allowed to talk about fast-food pizza on the forum, it gets me into trouble, and you KNOW this. I guess that is why I love you.
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