soya and wheat

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by sidefiveeight, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. Anyone trading with these 2 commodities?
    I would like to hear some of the opinions for future(long, short) if there are nice people to share the knowledge :)
  2. I am waiting for any pullback in Soybeans (see Feburary break - which will probably be early) before going long to catch the spring rally.

    Have had a excellent run long on July wheat, i'll close it out soon.
  3. super volatile markets i prefer trading spreads on what and beans right now or trading or covered calls. they dont make me sweat as much:) although i did sell some naked calls a long time ago and im geting a tad nervous lol
  4. I saw the chart for soyabean and I totaly agree it might be some pullback...
    so you are predicting a bright future for soyabeans..what do you thnik is the main reason or the main driver for soyabeans to go up?
    I will wait and see if there will be some pullback and jump in. do you think it will go under 1000?

    thank you
  5. I buy the ZW's on big pullbacks. Proper position sizing a must!:D