Soviet union stimulus?

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  1. About this stimulus thing. When I lived in Soviet Union a long time ago they had these kinds of project.

    Like build more highways but why build empty highways, this was done in soviet union. A lot of people building multiple lane highways to nowhere.

    How much do those job pay? so unemployed doctor, scientist,engineer will be putting on asphalt and cement on new roads or fixing old roads. This is like what we had in Soviet Union.

    I saw that money is going to be used to weatherproof poor peoples homes? What does that mean? is someone going to be going to homes and applying caulking on the windows. Some kind of federal agency? what does that job pay.

    All these jobs remind me of the Soviet Union.

    This worries me it got really bad when this kind of stuff got big.

    look at North Korea.


    Empty highway to no where.
  2. Noob, I moved here from the Soviet Union too. Everything this guy is dreaming up reminds me of the Soviet five year plans. Roping young people into public service? Remember pioneers and subotniki, tovarish?

    These guys think they can change the names of the same tired socialist central planning ideas and that changes the nature. So sad.
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    what are you guys talking about?

    digging holes is productive work. and someone has to make and sell the shovels, too.

  4. The "New NObama Plan"...

    1. Put every unemployed person to work.

    2. Half of them digging holes.

    3. The other half filling them back up again.

    4. Borrow money from the Chinese to pay their wages...

    Simple! How come somebody didn't think of it sooner?
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    At least it is much better solution than sending troops to the other corner of the world and hoping for the war economy to stimulus the whole economy.
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    Love the argument. Its very concise in its stupidity.
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    the diff is you have the freedom of travel here. If you build it they will traverse it.
  8. The Soviet Union comparison was a terrible cliche.


    until it became true.
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    Also in the US the culture is more consumption oriented, meaning money in pocket has to be spent up. In other nations, even western europe, folks like to save or be tight with spending.

    so any stimulus in US-Canada should see more reactionary growth than in other areas of the globe. Although the good news is consumption based life styles are catching up in other continents too. :D
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    I remember when the Soviet Union was a superpower and self sufficient in cabbage.
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