Sove the Deficit, Terrorism, and Crime in one fail swoop

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  1. It is kind of scary that in our modern time we are faced with all of these problems! The answer to solving them is RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSE and nobody will ever lift a finger to do anything about it.

    LEGALIZE DRUGS FOR F@$%K SAKE and stop all this maddness.

    1) The Deficit. Taxing marijuana and cocaine alone could probably turn the deficit into a surplus in a matter of years.

    2) Terrorist. The real supporter of terror is the WAR on DRUGS which keeps the price of all drugs artificially high. Drugs is the currency of terrorist. And it is the one and only currency that keeps rising. Artifically subsidized by our "War of Drugs" a quarter bag of good weed cost 100 bucks.....good god. If you legalize it and make it cheap it basically puts terrorist out of business just can't compete!!!!

    3) Crime. Legalization hurts the corner drug dealer in the ghetto cause why go to him to pay 100 if you can go to your local hemp bar and bye cheap.

    4) New Jobs....I mean how many people would go to work in the "legal drug business" Upscale hemp bars like the GrassHopper in Amsterdam can be the new Starbucks type franchise.

    Today a person can go to a bar, legally get drunk, then drive drunk and kill and innocent bystander. It is the biggest hypocracy that alchohol is legal and other drugs are not. Freedom is our freedom to choose what we put in our body. Period. Let us face the consequences just like we do when we drink at a bar.

    The war on drugs helped finance 911, it is keeping the ghetto the ghetto, and is preventing us from solving the country's MANY problems.

    Just had to vent!!!
  2. I agree with you. Weed was legal up until the early 30's, if I'm not mistaken. Cough Syrup used to have heroine as an active ingredient. As a matter of fact, my great-great grandfather owned a pharmacy in the early 1900's and was last seen leaving his store with a bottle of heroine filled cough syrup. He was never heard from again, but I'm sure he had fun doing so.
  3. I knew the answer before I even clicked on the subject. Fantastic post. The first prohibition collapsed on it's own stupidity within 13 years...yet this War on Drugs nonsense has somehow lasted decades. This single issue is clearly our government's <b>single biggest mistake</B>. Municipal zoning laws would be appropriate, so nobody could open a crack house next door to your residence- but that's it. By some estimates, the WOD costs taxpayers over $50 billion every year! Enough is enough for God's sake.
  4. yes, the war on drugs is a joke. and you don't have to be a big time drug user to say this (i'm not). it is ridiculous you can buy beer at a store but not weed. seriously, why not??!!?

    RM, here is a question for you. you know i'm on your side here but i think this is a good question: should someone be able to buy angeldust or something like that at a store? i'm not a drug expert, but i'm talking about drugs that may make you do crazy things. whenever i drink or smoke weed, i'm still myself and know right from wrong. but what about drugs that totally mess you up?

    i'm not saying yes or no, just wondering if you think someone should be able to buy that stuff in a store? if not, what will determine what you can buy?

    p. s. the tommy chong issue pisses me off so much.
  5. Hi GG, extremely dangerous drugs which completely make you lose your sense of right or wrong are already out there, and perfectly legal. Angels' trumpets (Datura) grow in gardens everywhere, and are eaily purchased through Shaman shops.
    This crap is much worse than PCP...although I do see your point, and do have doubts myself whether PCP should be legal.

    Don't you also find it quite ironic that stuff like glue/solvents/gold paint/various fuels are easily attainable for huffing- despite the fact that these things are WAY more harmful than most illegal drugs? Ask your doctor what's worse- huffing paint thinner, or doing a couple lines of blow. Absolutely no comparrison.

    Student cuts off penis and tongue after drinking hallucinogenic tea

    A student cut off his own penis and his tongue after drinking an infusion of the latest drugs craze to sweep Germany.

    The 18-year-old, only named as Andreas W, from Halle in Germany drank a tea made with the hallucinogenic angels' trumpet plants.

    His mother said: "Andreas was behaving normally the whole day until he left the house and disappeared into the garden for a couple of minutes."

    When he returned to the house he was wearing a towel wrapped around him and was bleeding heavily from his mouth and between his legs.

    The emergency doctor who arrived a few minutes later said the student had cut off his penis and his tongue with garden shears and it was impossible to reattach the organs.

    Dr Andreas Marneros, from the local psychiatric hospital the student was admitted to, said: "Andreas will have to receive psychological help for years. Tea from Angels' Trumpets is extremely dangerous as the drug cannot be dosed."

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