Southwest is the worst airline

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  1. I flew Southwest a few times and I've come to the realization they suck. They seem to have some policy that encourages parents to bring along their 4 year old, because every flight I've been on has several screaming infants or young children. My last flight was particularly bad -- 3.5 hours of non-stop crying by one of a several tots. The least the airline could do is have a segregated section where all the parents and their kids could sit in so the rest of us can fly in peace. But nooo, they let people sit anywhere and as a result, these screaming babies are spread all over the plane so there's no escaping them.

    I'm going back to AA, UA and Continental. Flying is bad enough with long security lines, delays and the cramped space -- and now top of that, we have to deal with being trapped on a flying daycare center for 3 hours
  2. Parents can bring a kid on any airline, so who is to say that any other flight will be quieter.
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    I've flown Delta and Airtran in the past week. All four flights had screaming kids on board.
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    My wife was on delta with our screaming 18 mos old two weeks ago. But in his defense they sat on a run way in houston for more than 2 hours.

    I have three young boys, I used to feel bad an not enjoy myself at dinners and on planes. My kids are fairly well behaved and when they are not I take them outside to run around..

    But I still got rude comments I have decided that if you don't wish to travel with the kids and the riff raff, join net jets and go to restaurants without kids menus.
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    Southwest is the only PROFITABLE airline...

    Oh, but that is offtopic... :)
  6. Disagree..flying Delta is like getting into a bus filled with 150 built to hold India in August....with the windows sealed shut.
  7. You are now free to move about the country.
  8. Kids ears are more sensitive to cabin pressure, hence more likely to be uncomfortable. Also, the kids eat too much junk before boarding the plane, this does not help.
  9. Did they do away with the sale of booze? I'm sure that could help.
  10. I've been on every major airline every year sinse I was probably 5 yrs old: American, NorthWest, Delta.. and they're all the same. You cant get a second of sleep on these gd air planes because you're sleeping at a 90 degree angle. Being in the middle seat is even worse because you cant lean your head anywhere. Combine this with crying babies, old people caughing evey 5 seconds, and lack of sleep. I get to deal with this for 6+ hrs each year.
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