Southern Ontario/Toronto area Futures traders

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  1. Are there any futures traders (short term/ day traders) in Southern Ontario/Toront/GTA area.
  2. kean


    I am a trader out of downtown T.O. Wanting to relocate though.
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  4. Sarnia Ontario here.
    Are all you guys using Interactive Brokers too? As far as I know they're the only worthwhile brokerage operating in Canada right now. If anyone's interested I can email them a realtime trading simulator that works with IB and Microsoft Excel.
  5. doher


    Lakeshore - 20 minutes from Windsor
  6. Bootsie


    Hey ya'll,

    In London... I prefer Windsor though.

    Is IB the best, even better than Tradefreedom. I think their too expensive. I'd like to give IB a go for a while.

    Just curiously, has anyone taken the Canadian Securities Course and the Series 7. I'd like to do the 7 and was wondering what to expect.


  7. Nice to see some crazy canucks on this board. I'm from Montreal. Hopefully by the time the PQ gets their referendum, I'll be trading in Bora Bora :D

    Cheers!! :p
  8. murky


    Took it 2 years ago, work-related. (Wasn't interested in becoming a trader then).

    It is deadly boring, and not very useful if you are already well-read in the area. Lots of useless things to memorize.
  9. flyboy


    Mississauga checking in here.

    Computer guy now looking for some work.

    Would prefer to work in Trading.

    Any suggestions?

    Also, what methods are people using. Currently I am studying Hurst Cycles, and working on getting back into the Commitment of Traders stuff I started with. It was making me money, but was too slow at the time. I was looking for the excitement. Have matured a little in the trading and now just want to make money.
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    You started this thread, but did not indicate where you were located.

    Are all of you trading your own accounts?

    Why did you take the CSC? and was it of benefit to your trading?

    What was your job that required you to take the CSC?
    Where are you located?
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