South Sudanese Rapper Allegedly Beaten & Robbed By Police

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    Rapper and South Sudanese peace activist Emmanuel Jal was beaten and robbed Saturday by police in Juba, South Sudan, in an apparently unprovoked incident of police brutality, Jal's publicist said. Police stopped Jal around 9:30 p.m. and took his cellphone, then five officers beat him until he lost consciousness, while 15 more police and national security officers watched without intervening.
  2. So , what's your point?
    don't be black
    don't be a wrapper?
    don't be a peace activist?
    don't be an idiot going to sedan without a seal fire team ?
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    Who cares? I don't.
    Such a story is insignificant to Americans. I'm sure worse goes on in Sudan daily.
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    This was in South Sudan, the new nation that promises to be different.

    But it looks like the police and the rapper made up just in time for the big show anyway.

    Juba — Internationally renowned South Sudanese singer, Emmanuel Jal on Friday put aside his recent troubles with the security forces and put on a remarkable performance at the climax of celebrations to mark the International Peace Day in Juba on Saturday.

    The campaign is backed by notable political figures such as former US President Jimmy Carter and the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, as well as celebrities such as singer, Alicia Keys and actor George Clooney, who has played a prominent role in US-based advocacy regarding war in Darfur and more recently South Sudan's independence and the ongoing conflict in Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile regions of Sudan.
  5. Too bad Clooney didn't catch a beating.

    That guy is one giant turd.
  6. WOW that's such an IMPORTANT piece of NEWS!!!
  7. All of Option12's posts are about South Sudan, he probably has some special interest in that country.

    and its 'rapper' .:mad:.