South Sudan: Trial for American on Thanksgiving Day

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    The National Security Service arrested Elton Mark McCabe on Oct. 14 and a trial is scheduled for Nov. 22, the U.S. embassy said. His wife, Anne McCabe, said NSS agents abducted him and Iraqi colleague, Mohamed Oglah, and demanded a ransom after falsely accusing him of kidnapping.

    “They said if he came up with $100,000 he could be on a plane the same day,” she said by phone yesterday from Slidell, Louisiana. “He was beaten, but he wouldn’t go into detail about what they did to him.”
    At least a third of the prison population in South Sudan, which became Africa’s newest state when it seceded from Sudan in July, 2011, hasn’t been convicted of a crime or even charged, New York-based Human Rights Watch said in a report.

    The U.S. embassy said it had raised McCabe’s case at the highest levels of South Sudan’s government, according to statement e-mailed yesterday.