South Korea Tracks North Korean Submarines

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  1. Brief: South Korea Tracks North Korean Submarines
    May 26, 2010 0707 GMT
    South Korean military officials said Seoul is tracking four North Korean Sang-O “Shark” Class submarines.
  2. This could unravel really quickly and has the potential to crack
    China into many pieces. Many Chinese Generals who control million man + armies are veterans of the Korean war. The political
    class in Bejing really just wants to make $$ and is less ideologicaly
    obstinate than the military. Cooler heads in Bejing may want to diffuse this while the military will see this as an opportunity to
    finish what was started in 1950. If these military Generals act
    autonomously-which has happened before-this could plunge China into civil war.
  3. sjfan


    I'm very bearish on china in general but this is a pretty implausible scenario, no? The chinese military structure is centralized (given their experience with generals becoming warlords back in the 20s). Furthermore, the generals don't have any axe to grind when it comes to korea. The old guard are mostly mostly dead and retired. The news ones, as you rightly pointed out, just want to make $$.

    Most likely, if north and south go at it, china will station a few army groups on the Yalu River and prevent any north korean refuge from crossing over.

  4. Haha rubbish, many if not all of the founding marshals and generals of the PRC are now dead. Lin Biao, probably the PLA's greatest military strategist has been dead for decades ,including Han XianChu and Peng Dehuai who destroyed the US eighth army at the Chongchon River in 1950.
  5. NumLock


    What disappointments me deeply is that no is considering that this might be another false flag event by US. Plant pieces of torpedo with Norht K marking to get new sanction measures in place

    Consider the 9/11 history of US and Mumbai Bombing in India. Where Indians are seeking the CIA agent that worked with terrorists in India.

    I am not saying US fired on South Korean ship for sure. I am saying given the recent past of false flag events.

    Can we really discount it without considering.
  6. Lovely.

    Invent crackpot conspiracy theories regarding past events, to "support" crackpot theories regarding current events.

    We see you.

    The Norks have always acted mad as hatters, foaming at the mouth rabid psychopaths. Kimmee has worms eating his brain, and there's not much brain left.

    He pushes the edge at every opportunity, then "allows" himself to be bought off with bribes and "aid".

    Same scam, different day, but what he's failed to realize all along, is that even though it hasn't appeared before, there is a line in the sand.

    There's a very good chance that this time around he's crossed it.

    Go ahead and keep playing your silly games. Nobody is paying attention. The Norks either have, or will cross the line, and while you're spinning vapor webs, we will be...taking care of business.

    Thanks for taking yourself off the board with a hopelessly transparent, and therefore easy to ignore, maneuver.

  7. NumLock


    Hey pal do you read the news lately. 9/11 was inside job. Mumbai bombings were supported by CIA agents Indians already reported agents by name.

    Your scam is falling apart, world is beginning to understand how business works from Pentagon and Mossad side

    They even are public about how they go about screwing the world

    Pentagon 'to boost covert missions

    "to prepare the environment for future attacks by American or local military forces. The paper says the document appears to authorise specific operations in Iran."


    And by the way who is "we". Are you another paid government shill doing character assassinations on internet. They've got those too now.