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    no teeth, Michael Dunn dare not name names
    Wade Cook and Kim brother to start.
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  3. A lot of it has to do with their bankruptcy laws. They let you shelter your house, even mansion, from creditors.

    That's why OJ is down there, and bunch of the corporate vermon that have been indicted and convicted of stealing from their companies still have massive, sprawling estates down there.
  4. Read some of Carl Hiaasens books about South Florida. He has lived there his whole life and convinced its the weirdest place on earth.
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    I believe the rationale behind this law is that fla did not want old retired homeless people. so they say you can protect your homestead from creditors. Perfectly valid policy. Perhaps they should limit the size of the homestead protection. Then again maybe not.
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    I moved down here from Chicago years ago. This place is at times like The Twilight Zone.

    As far as all the fraud. have probably the wealthiest areas in the country (Palm Beach) here. A lot of very rich people who are not the brightest and are easy marks. That draws in the scam artists. Then again, people who dont do their research and believe the "guaranteed 100 percent return", then invest, probably deserve to be parted with their money.

    If you can get past the bullshit that goes on down here, is a great place to live.

  7. they are not talking about FX dealers, rather they mean FX commodity pool operators and others of that ilk.

  8. Boca Raton HAS to be one of the biggest fraud epicenters in the world. I've visited there often, and it gets stranger and stranger each time I go.
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    they say that when Cubans leave Cuba and land here in Miami they are handed a booklet "MEDICARE FRAUD 101" as a guideline to their new employment opportunity.... :D

    they even bus them to their appointments....
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