South Florida Hedge Fund Investors Invited

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by marketsurfer, Feb 14, 2017.

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  2. Maverick74


    Seriously? Mar-A-Lago?
  3. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Looks awesome. Count me and a guest in for sure.
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  4. Capture this event on video tape, and post it on Youtube -- for the people who can't, or don't want to, attend o_O:)

    Or better yet, wear a hidden mic and camera...and just let it record the entire time you're there for a more candid, genuine perspective.
  5. I bore easily -- the relatively sleepy, slow, boring hedge fund industry is not my type of crowd :confused:o_O

    If Dan Zanger or that CIS Japanese trader were key lining an event...I would be more inclined;
    I like these type of Astronomical...retail, trader success stories,

    These guys are true...EliteTraders; not hedge fund fat cats making their living collecting management fees.
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  6. vanzandt


    How about a free ticket, ET sponsored, ....backstage pass giveaway?
    Sponsored by....(?) Baron? lol

    I gotta say...Since the Yahoo boards went under, ET is the place to be.
    More fundamental stock players coming on board here every day.
    Short Dominoes. ;)
  7. JackRab


    Ai... I can't come I think... I've said some bad things about the Trumpster and I'm from Australia so our PM has instructed banned us from going anywhere near Trumpets.

    Fuck mate, would love to play a round there though....
  8. wintergasp


    U jealous brah ?
  9. traderob


    Amazing. Wish I was in Florida!
  10. I'm not a PBHFA member I'm an options trader in NYC but I'd go down in a heartbeat. I was down there late December for a few days and loved it. Any interest in a DT friendly media person? If so pm me.
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