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  1. Anybody know of any legitimate trading shops in South FL who partner up with experienced traders?
  2. Assent has 3 offices in south florida
    Miami (where I am) , Boca and Ft Lauderdale

    We have some good, experienced traders in each of those offices

    There is also a Trillium Office in Miami, and Schoenfeld in Boca

    feel free to PM me if u need any more info
  3. We have an affiliate office in Miami (new). Run by 2 excellent, long term traders. PM if interested.

  4. Thanks guys. I trade futures and a little bit of options, so I would need a place that can accommodate that sort of trading. Also a shop that would be interested in partnering up.
  5. why don't you find an fx trading company in s. florida. there are tons of them that have no idea what they are doing. all they do is rip off mom and pop investors but they would love to meet a real trader like you and you can trade with lots of leverage.

    You can also find futures comapnies who will give youintraday margin of only 500 bucks on the es.. as well as substantial discounts on the other margin for intraday trading.

    Why would you want a prop firm when you can do it and keep all the money for yourself
  6. I understand what your saying. I've spoke to a few of the FX shops in FL but a lot of them are clueless. They're only interested in dealing with Ham-n-Eggers who pay to take their courses. there are 2 who I'm speaking with now that are interested, so we'll see how it goes. The reason why I'm looking to partner up is I want to take things to the next level. I have my own energy trading system and OTC experience that I want to finance as well as an index futures model that has had $10mil under management as well as a commodities macro model that I am bringing to the table which could handle tens of millions. I had interested parties a few years ago back when I was trading in NYC, however I took a break from the biz when things fell through. Now I am picking up where I left off. I have personally financed these trades, now its time to step it up.
  7. Not quite hot enough in Miami right now. Have you thought about doing something, say, on the Sun?
  8. Drock409, Please I like to know how much it cost to be considered for the prop shops you mentioned.

    Is there also a training fee that a trader must pay in order to join?

    If there is no training fee, how much of a contribution to the account is required for a trader.

    Thanks for your info.