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  1. Anybody know of any legitimate trading shops in South FL who partner up with experienced traders?
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    If by "experienced trader," you are referring to someone with a good chunk of their own capital that prefers to keep 100% of their profits, then I believe Bright has an office with at least a few traders in South Florida somewhere.

    If you are looking for a more traditional prop where you give up 20+% of your profit in exchange for super low commissions, very little, if any, personal capital risk, etc., then I don't know but this is a good link to start your search
  3. Thanks Podimer. I'm looking for a more traditional prop shop. Capital contributions aren't something I'm opposed to, however I don't need to get involved with anyone where I take on all the risk and give up part of the profit. I already trade on my own I'm just looking to take it to the next level.
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    If you are already consistently profitable, then IMO, it is best to go with one of the firms that give you 100% of your profits, though they may take a bit more in commissions. Of course, this depends on your trading style, like if you are scalping for pennies, a million shares per day, these firms may be cost prohibitive due to their higher commissions, though I am sure such volume would give you good commish negotiating power at all of them.
    Regarding these types of firms, I have heard good things about Echo, Bright, and maybe a couple of others like JC and Assent.
    Not sure if they are all broker-dealers but I believe most of these are thus require the series 7. If you want to trade in an office environment as opposed to remote, then Bright is the only one I know of that has (or at least DID have) an office somewhere in the Miami area. The others may have, as well, I just haven't checked.

    Regarding the more traditional prop firms, I have heard good things about Avatar and some Chicago based firms though I have never looked into it myself.
  5. I've looked at Traders Narrative before, I'm currently speaking with some groups listed on the website. I trade futures so so I need a firm that offers that coverage. I do have a successful track record, I was wondering if there were more firms in my own back yard that I could approach.
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    Ohhhhhhhh...ok then, I think there are quite a few offices in South Florida as I have a buddy that used to trade futures in Palm Beach at an affiliate/subsidiary of Iowa Grain (based in Chicago). Beyond that, I am sure you have seen this one, but just in case you haven't, it might help

    Either way, best of luck with your hunt.:)
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    Oh, and you may get more responses if you list your thread under the PROP FIRM forum.
  8. I'll definitely look into that. Thank you kindly Podimer.
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    Im actually in South FL now , there are a few but they all want capital contributions , by way of "training" , or "licensing"
  10. Bright does have an office there in the miami area. You'll need 25K and a series 7.
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