South Carolina: Newt Cancels Event Over Low Attendence; Ron Paul Gains Endorsements

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    • Ahead of the South Carolina primary taking place tomorrow (Saturday), four conservative State Senators in South Carolina have come forward to endorse Ron Paul in what continues to be a movement back towards liberty– much more than just a campaign for elected office. Initial results in a Newsday poll show that Ron Paul overwhelmingly won the South Carolina debate hosted by CNN, even as the media focused in on Newt’s reaction to scandals in his personal life.

    Is Gingrich’s support base really out there, or just a figment of the corporate media’s imagination? Newt Gingrich still leads in many polls for the South Carolina primary, but how? Yet another Gingrich campaign event was canceled due to poor attendance. The AP reported that the candidate stepped down from a speaking engagement with the Southern Republican Leadership.
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    Everytime I start to take Ron Paul seriously you post something and I'm reminded that his followers are mostly kooks.

    You should just keep quiet. He might garner a few more votes from this crowd if you did.
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    It had nothing to do with support for Newt. Although YOUR source,, would like you to believe otherwise.

    There were just a few dozen people in the audience at the College of Charleston’s arena, where the event was taking place. The conference has suffered from low attendance all week but Gingrich rival Rick Santorum went ahead and addressed the group on Thursday.

    Here's video of the Ron Paul event today. Almost no one was there.

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    Corporate media? LOL. They HATE Gingrich. The corporate media is long size on Romney, not Gingrich. LOL.
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    Max E.

    Your right, guys like MVECTOR arent doing any of us Ron Paul fans any favours..... :D

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    Seriously, every time he and DAS post, I inch closer to Gary Johnson.
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    Max E.

    lol :D

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    Max E.

    i have been wondering more and more who is going to lead the libertarian charge after this election, because Ron Paul will simply be to old to get his name out in 2016, and i cant help but think it will be a rough few years for us.

    The reason Gary Johnson failed was because he was far to meek, i think you need a certain amount of edginess like Ron Paul, or Newt, or even Romney in order to survive. Gary Johnson always struck me as somewhat passive, just like Huntsman, and thats why i dont think they drew any big attention.

    The reason Ron Paul will not run third party is because he doesnt want to screw his son Rand over for life.... sadly I think this republican primary is the last we will see of Ron Paul on a major stage, so libertarians might be taking a hit here for a number of years until Rand can pick up the torch. (if he can pick up the torch.) :confused:

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    OK. Let me address this. Yes, Gary Johnson is somewhat Meek. In this American Idol era of ours were looks and bravado usually win out over meekness, Gary certainly has his hands full. However, the reason Gary is not "catching on" as you put it, is because these deranged lunatics (Ron Paul followers) have gone to war with Gary. You see, if you are not wearing a tin foil hat, or a 9/11 truther, or a believer in the Bilderberg Group, those Paul fanatics will destroy you. And they basically blackballed Johnson. That is why he never caught on. BTW, Ron Paul also went to war with that Barr guy who was the libertarian candidate in 2008. And his followers blackballed him as well.

    The fact is, Gary Johnson was a 2 term governor of a state. Ron Paul in 24 years in congress passed one single piece of legislation which was the naming of some statue in his hometown. In my opinion there is no comparing the two. Ron Paul can't light a candle to Johnson. But his fanatical following will never support him.

    Let me ask you something. If you like Ron Paul's ideas but don't like the conspiracy theory fruitcakes that follow him, come over to Gary Johnson. He is Ron Paul minus the tin foil hat.

    BTW, during Johnson's two terms as governor, he vetoed more bills then the other 49 governors......combined! He also climbed Mt. Everest.
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