South Bay office Manager for Equity or Futures Traders.

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  1. Office in the South Bay offered to experienced office manager who can service an office for 6 to 8 traders.

    Why am I giving this away?

    Well...... I co located my servers in Chicago and will be in and out of town the next year while raising money for the systems and managed futures that I was working on the last 2 years. I will be around to help but is not something I can do 5 days a week anymore.

    Wired, fully equipped with Dell top of line computers, LCD and just needs someone to watch over and can trade from this location for free.

    I ran a JBO in the past and have relationships with Goldman and Merrill and a few futures FCM for low rates on stock, options, futures and even spot currency and OTC desk if needed.

    Only serious traders please.... Trade well.
  2. Man...this is rough..I offer a great free location to trade and manage the any phone calls and make sure the lights are turned off after the close, an no takers.

    Either all the Bay Area traders are cleaning up and want no side income or there is no one left around here and all have given up . O well, I am here and been here in south bay for 3 years after driving to SF for 5 years so my offer still stands.

    Maybe I just suck..... and that is option three and will keep you posted on that.

    Here is a bone for you systems guys. I have one partner that is a top notch programmer and another contractor that is just as good so any ATS work is doable and we have our own R and D software, data package, custom data mining package along with execution engine that rates in the top three systems used by the fund s and professional traders....but you still have to have a market edge or all the above is useless.....Trade well.

  3. Wow - a great deal? Commute each day for your "free" office???

    A Day in the life of a Office Manager
    “An office manager is responsible for the smooth operation of the day-to-day business of the company,” one manager wrote us, adding the caveat: “No excuses accepted.” A good office manager makes it possible for other people to function efficiently. Office managers work closely with the company partners, owner, or president to meet their company’s staffing, equipment, and organizational needs. Duties may include pricing products from vendors, interviewing job applicants, managing payroll, and reimbursing members of the firm for out-of-pocket business expenses. An office manager must exercise sound judgment day in and day out, and any lapse can result in termination. This may be the reason that office managers generally take their jobs so seriously. Pressure can be significant, particularly for those in charge of large offices. Office managers who succeed have confidence, common sense, loyalty, and the ability to motivate others. Survey respondents who were part-time office managers added the importance of being able to work with others on a team or in pairs to coordinate smooth operations. Although it is common to think that an office manager should be an angel of tact and discretion, existing on the favorable review of his superiors, people in the profession disagreed. Many office managers said their jobs require them to be somewhat more firm than gentle when projects have to be completed, equipment needs to be serviced, or difficulties with staffing spring up. “You’ve got to stand up for what you know are the right decisions for the company, even if the boss disagrees. You live on your reputation, and when you have to do your job to someone else’s commands, you have to voice your opinion,” said one fifteen-year manager. He was supported by a number of others. “Tough,” “precise,” and “go-getting” were also words that popped up many times on our surveys. The greatest satisfaction that office managers mentioned concerned their productivity. Office managers can see immediate results from their decisions; they can control their environment (within the boundaries imposed by their employer). This ability to determine one’s own fate cuts both ways, however. Office managers have a very high turnover rate, due to firing, job mobility, and retirement. They are often the first one to be let go when conflicts arise between producers and managers, and they are frequently blamed for office problems that are not of their own making. Office management provides a very structured environment with clearly defined duties for those with financial, organizational, and interpersonal skills. One needs to have a high tolerance for risk and not be too concerned with job security.

    Or they can stay home and trade without this nuisance...
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