South America, how's the Brazilian economy doing?

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  2. how is the world economy really doing? how is US really doing not the stock market but the US economy? there are so many underlining problems and we won't feel them until they stop printing money or when they can't print enough money. its a great time to vacation in Brazil price wise though but might be dangerous for your health.
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    Ah yes, but according to SA seemingly the Brazilians had got it all worked out and were prepared to show us the way........................
  4. Hey won't be responding as his Favela was knocked down for a stadium. Maybe they will let him be hotdog boy?
  5. yeah not sure about that a lot of real slums all around that country. i do remember it was a boom few years ago against the US dollar. its a great place to buy a home near the beach for a good price and a lot of pretty women too. i learned in life things are good when the people with real money say its good and things are bad when the people with real money sell it to everything else than tell you its bad. when you turn on cnbc and they play a commercial about reverse mortgages 100 times a day. IB has a commercials that 200k cash gets you a million buying power at 1.3% and states stocks are yielding 5%. it makes you think middle class needs money doesn't it?

    you think Turkey or Syria is any different than Brazil? when you are poor enough to not have money for food people revolt for any reason because they have nothing to lose.
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    leftists can only get away with bullshitting so long.

    S.A. and his leftists ideas are now paying the piper.
    Thinking that China was their great economic hope was a so naive.
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    I thought it was all a home grown miracle by those oh so clever Brazilians according to SA - nothing to do with China and Iron Ore bottleneck pricing.
  8. you need someone to invest and buy your resources that was china

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    SA is a pathetic poser,who lives in US. probably son of some wealthy parents,who stays in south america to do their business. typical 'model' for successful entrepreneurs from other countries. they all saying shit about USA,but when they have made some money-many of them are moving their families to US. seen it many many times.
    or possibly a freeloader 'refugee' on US taxpayer hump
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    "There are too many problems with Brazil’s economic policies...........any problem you can imagine, Brazil’s got it"

    So much for South America's economic prognosis/analysis then - typical economist - no clue about the real world - thinks if his fellow economists at an economists conference clap after his presentation he must know what he is talking about.
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