South Africa’s Platreef project among largest precious metals deposits

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  1. "After all, South Africa’s Platreef project is among this planet’s largest precious metals deposits,” says Robert Friedland ?
    Platreef’s current inferred mineral resources contain 43-million ounces of palladium, 40.4-million ounces of platinum, 7.8-million ounces of gold, 3.1-million ounces of rhodium, 7.7-billion pounds of nickel and 4.1-billion pounds of copper ?
  2. Still south africa wealth disparity will be huge between white and black South african. This country has no system in place.
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    Not true. The British implemented the same civil government system everywhere they ruled.
  4. You are 100% right, Implemented ... " ed" that's past sentence
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    It won't be long before the CCP will attempt to find a way to exploit those deposits.
  6. Americans will be worrying about Blacks not getting equal shares as Whites, while China silently taking the resources.
  7. Surging Gold, Silver,and Copper prices have triggered interest ?
    “That level of interest requires that we critically examine these opportunities, which we are now doing,”
    ( Robert Friedland said in a statement )