South Africa's neighbour, Zimbabwe may become mining giant ?

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  1. Zimbabwe may become a mining giant in the Southern African region on the back of its vast mineral deposits ? Zimbabwe has mineral deposits ranging from gold, platinum, diamonds, nickel and chrome ?
    Global investors in the mining sector may soon head for Zimbabwe to follow up on business negotiations made in London as appetite for opportunities in the country increase across the globe ? This follows the successful holding of the third Africa Mining Conference and Exhibition in London last week, co-hosted by Financial Markets (FMI), where Zimbabwe participated ?
    Interbank liquidity is coming from voluntary sales ? People are responding to the interbank positively ?
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    What makes you think it wouldn't squander its new found wealth and end up with hyperinflation again?
  3. I hope it won't. Various African countries are pulling forward and it's just the beginning.
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    Which countries and why now?