South African equities?

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  1. Anyone know a US broker who supports trading on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange?

    I'd settle for ADRs/GDRs listed somewhere IB supports, but I'm not finding many of those either.
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    i am sure that you are part of the give me generation.

    did it ever occur to you to share what u have done and found to date or is it just give me?
  3. Hope that's just a little attitude and not your daily PNL talking. I did research this to some extent and found that of IB, Fidelity and Schwab, none offered access. I didn't check the ADR markets exhaustively, but I didn't find any US ones and did find a few UK ones. Of course there are SA-based brokers, but that's a lot of trouble and overhead before I know whether my ideas will amount to anything in a new market.

    If anyone actually trades on JSE, perhaps they would be so kind as so say which broker they like for this?
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    institutional clients at goldman merrill etc. have access assuming there are limited regulatory restrictions to access by foreigners.

    acquaint yourself with currency conversions and currency risks that u are assuming dealing by directly dealing in africa.
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