South Africa is worse then South Central LA!

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  1. Cop killed during World Cup Countdown,
    Multiple robberies of TV crews, Russian, Chineese,

    Not a single mention of that in main US media, I remember thing were much different there before they kicked out all whites out of the country..

    Oh, yeah they also smoke the brain or rare vultures to predict outcome of a match
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    This is a trading board. Take your bullshit complaints to

  3. I think they send a memo about you, I forgot.. ;-)))
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    Oh, yeah they also smoke the brain or rare vultures to predict outcome of a match

    Hell yeah!!! F trading... I'm gonna start raising vultures. Know where I can score some clones?

  5. I thought it was Nigeria playing Uruguay today, 7 out of 11 players on France's squad are Black.

    the Afrikaners put in some solid work economically in South Arfica, Banking, Breweries, Mining/Diamonds. Another 20 years and South Africa will be no better off than the rest of the continent for obvious reasons.
  6. An interesting thread and interesting that the US media isn't reporting the crimes if true. You would expect a little softness to start with (unless your own media get a hammering of course).

    On the whites being kicked out. That is not actually true. Many of the whites who could get out did get out but not all. And they were not kicked, they simply saw a better life elsewhere.
  7. Its US Media post Obama :D
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    I met some nice guys from south africa. They fled to Ireland. The government basically stole their business and all their property. Govt told them they had to give 50% of all their profits to some local black guy cause they were white. They weren't gonna run it to hand over half their money. Some kinda corrupt officials. They just left their business behind. The place was gutted and nothing is operating there anymore. Forget what kinda business they said they had. Anyway, they said the place is goin to hell.
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    I have no idea what the hell that meant. BUt its probably following along the lines of your first post.

    Unimportant and non-trading related.

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