South Africa gives Solar Power a G for Green, Green for Go ?

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  1. South Africa's Nick Holland welcomes approval of his 40 MW Solar Power Plant
    Project in South Africa ? ... 25 February 2021
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    The South Africa Gold Mine will update its definitive costings and finalize all the
    required internal processes to commence the project as soon as possible ?
    Holland says: “We expect renewable and low-carbon energy sources to contribute
    significantly to South Africa's carbon emission reductions over the next few years ” ?
    “The approval sends a positive message to mining companies , potentially leading to
    decisions being taken to sustain and grow mining operations in South Africa ” ?
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    Good for them.
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  4. South Africa's Roland Tatnall says:
    “Energy is the largest single opportunity on the African continent and one
    of the most important given the impact it could have on the future of Africa” ?
    South Africa is at crossroads of energy liberalization
    with 2.5 GW of embedded mining demand ?
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  5. South Africa's Peter Steenkamp says:

    “Generating our own power from solar power is the way to go” ?
    “We’re in the process of introducing 30 MW of solar power generation. We’ve already started
    with the first 10 MW and we’re very keen to pursue the other 20 MW” ?
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    That is really quite impressive, I think.
  7. South African Platinum Mine building a 10 MW Solar Power Plant ?
    South Africa's Paul Dunne said the mining company was building a 10 MW
    Solar Energy Plant for the company’s smelter at its Zondereinde mine ?
    The Platinum Mine is an established, conventional, long-life operation that
    mines upper group two (UG2) and Merensky ore ?
    The Mine produced 166 773 oz of refined four element (4E) PGMs
    in the six months to December 31 ?
    The mining company presented 73.6%-higher headline earnings of R3.3-billion
    on a 51.9% increase in sales revenues to R11.9-billion in the six months to December 31 ?
  8. Solar Power and Electrolyzer to Produce Hydrogen to Power 300 ton Trucks at Platinum Mine ?
    South Africa's Natascha Viljoen confirmed the Platinum Mining Company will be starting
    with a 75 MW Solar Powered plant at its Platinum Mine in South Africa ?
    This was confirmed in a Zoom interview , following the company’s publication of record
    annual earnings, soaring cash and a 72% return on capital employed ?
    “That’s certainly work on the go,” said Viljoen of the hydrogen that will be used
    to power a 300 ton truck that is under development ?
    The 3.5 MW alkaline electrolyzer will split water into hydrogen and oxygen, providing hydrogen for the trucks ?
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    What is happening with the solar power plant?
  10. South Africa's Nick Holland, 40 MW Solar Plant Update...5th May 2021
    40 MW solar plant estimated capital cost, R660-million ?
    Will comprise of 116 000 solar panels ?
    Electricity cost savings about R120-million a year ?
    240 jobs to be created during the construction of the plant ?
    12 people will be required to operate the plant once it is operational ?
    Will reduce carbon footprint by around 100 000 t/y of carbon dioxide ?
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