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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by dfw48, Jan 13, 2002.

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    I am planning to buy a customized, state of the art workstation (for active trading only), & do not have the time to build my own.

    My research to date has turned up two sources which claim they can meet my specs with fully customized, ready to go packages.
    They are Trader's World (Premio) & Trikinetic Tech.

    Seeking feedback re: Any experience with either or both / or other alternatives worth considering.:confused:
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  3. dfw-
    I've also been thinking about building or expanding my current system. One thing I've done is locate a local place that is willing to put together a system for me at a much more reasonable price than Trikenetic...however I was curious as to why their (Trikenetics) systems are so expensive... $4000 for a computer without monitors? What's the deal with that? It seems that you can get a system that has the same specs for a fraction of that cost.
    If anyone has any info please shed some light.

    The one I currently have is a Dell I configured and ordered on the website about 2 yrs ago... works well and only cost me $1000
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    Mostly what you pay when you order a computer from these guys is the fact that they are servicing a trader and that is their nitch. So for example, they might set up the software that you will be using for you, or they will set up a multi monitor setup so that you don't have to worry about it, etc. If I were to get anything from these guys, it might be the monitor "arms" (if they sold them seperately) as those are clearly made for traders.

    As far as I can tell, as far as the computer they are selling goes, I have a machine that will run rings around it for half the price.

    Dell is OK, but, compared to what I use, they are 30-50% overpriced.

    One last note, I know how to build machines, etc, so, my prices to myslef do not take into account my time to put them together, and the research I have done to get it all working...

    Even still, there are better alternatives than Dell, etc.

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    Looks like capitalism at work. I guess they figure that Traders have more dough than the average Joe. I've been building my own systems for the last several years, so just for fun, I priced up a similiar system with similiar specs to see how they compare.

    Case: Inwin S508 Case $70 (300W PS)
    Motherboard: ABit VP6 - $143
    CPUs: 2 P3-866s - $262
    Memory: 2 Samsung 512MB PC133 DIMMs - $224
    Hard Drive: 40GB 7200 RPM Maxtor (10GB bigger than theirs) - $103
    CDROM: 52X Creative Labs (10X faster than theirs) - $28
    Floppy: $13
    Keyboard: Microsoft - $18
    Mouse: Mircosoft Intelli Optical - $25
    Spearkers: (Not sure they come with theirs) - Creative Labs 5 piece - $66
    Sounds Card: Sound Blaster Live 5.1 PCI - $34
    Modem: US Robotics 56K V.90 Internal PCI - $43
    NIC: Intel 10/100 Ethernet Xpress Pro - $29

    Now I didn't see what video card they use, but they said it support 4 monitors so it may be 1 Appian Card or a couple Matrox cards or something else. The 1 Appian is the most expensive by far, so I'll use that for the benefit of the doubt. AppianX 64MB which runs about $850ish.

    Windows 2000 Pro - $200ish

    Total: $2108.00, not assembled of course. :D (I priced in shipping in all the above prices too)

    Their price: $4299.99 + $85 shipping - $4384.99

    Difference: $2276.99, nice assembly charge. LOL LOL

    Anyway, make of this what you will guys.


    2-B :p
  6. any good Dell or Gateway will do just fine. Both have great deals with LCD's, lost of memory, disk etc. They all OEM intel mother boards, so in reality it doesn't make much difference what you get.

    I would avoid Compaq. I just don't know anyone with a Compaq who haven't sworn never to buy one again. I've had great experience with both Gateway and Dell.
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    Dell often has very very good deals if you catch them at the right time. I got a P4 1.7 GHZ, 1 GB RDRAM, 72000 RPM 20 GB hard drive, workstation from them for a little over a grand. Had a Radeon dual-monitor video card as well. Monitor not included. I think this deal has since expired but I think they're running a number of other offers at the moment.

  8. Hi All

    What with this "State of the Art Computer" crap? It doesn't take much computer to run any of these trading platforms. I've used a pentium 500 to run both Realtic and Tradestation just fine. According to their websites these platforms can be run on Pentium 300 computers.

    Paying thousands of dollars for a Non Branded computer is a nothing but a Rip Offfffffff. I've built 3 computers in the past year. I just checked the prices at I could build a Amd based 1.4 hertz computer with a Matrox 450 dual head card, windows 2000 and a USR cable modem for about 800 bucks.

    If u want to go all the way and get a Amd 2000 hertz it would cost u another 200 to 250 bucks. If you want a Quad video card u can spend another 400 and get a Enseo Pro for an additional 400 bucks or 600 to 700 for a better card from Appian, Datapath,
    Colorgraphics etc.Depending on the motherboard you could get State of the Art easily for 1800. But, a 2000 htz processor for trading is like using a baseball bat to squat a mosquito.

    By the way, it doesnt take much to build your own computer. I built my first computer in one Saturday afternoon. Now, i can put one together while watching Monday night football. Just like playin with lego blocks. Knowing about computers is one of the tools of the trade for people involved in this business professionally. When things go bad u cant depend on the Tech Help at any of these brokerages.

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    All computers are state-of-the-art.
    You can build a very fine system for $1200.
    Even with two 17" flat panels for about $2600.
    Everything else is software, which will run on any pc.