sources of wide range of historic and real-time macro data?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Could anyone point me to companies which provide both historic and current data for a wide arrange of macro data (i.e. ags acreage and yield estimates, interest rates, ags imports/exports, energy storage levels, stock/index/commodities prices, etc.)?

    I believe Bloomberg has some (or all?) of that data, but do they also have API to pull in historical data? Do any other companies provide something like that?

    I appreciate your help,
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    Check out R - nice plugins to St Louis FED
  3. A lot of good plugins are available in R, they will scrap data from a large no. of sites.
  4. Regarding R: any good links for add-on packages which scrape the data from websites? I tried and but add-ons which scrape the data there seem to be quite limited.

    I would also appreciate any other pointers regarding whether other companies (or Bloomberg) provides this data (paid data is also ok for me).