Sources of stocks fundamental data beyond IB and Alpha Vantage

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    I am trying to scan stocks (VTI ETF holdings) based on the companies' liquidity, margin, and debt. Currently I'm using the accounting reports data by Interactive Brokers and Alpha Vantage, and I'm not happy.

    Can you suggest any other providers? Preferably free or not too expensive.
  2. IEXCloud provides a lot of data including fundamentals. I don't think the free version includes the fundamentals but there's an individual license for $9/mth that may be adequate.
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  3. Kust


    Any users of their services here?
  4. just search EDGAR for the company and skim to the filing. For cursory analysis, IB TWS uses Reuters data in the fundamentals explorer app.
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    What is their attitude toward automatic data parsing? Do they try to prevent it?
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