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    I am looking for some good places to read up on Treasury Futures. I don’t have any experience in this particular market but know my way around other markets. I am looking for fairly specific information, not "a bond is/a call is" as most sites/books turn out to read. Every futures book and bond book I have found is all filler with almost no real content (I end up reading about oranges growing better in warm weather or what levels of government can tax which GSA bonds). If anyone can lead me to a good starting point to learn the fundamentals I would appreciate it.
  2. you are a little vague about what info you are trying to find. You don't want definitions, you don't want fundamentals (your parenthesized statement), you want specific information that you don't specify, what DO you want?
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    I am looking for information purely on treasury futures, not on futures/contracts/markets in general. I am interested in everything from history and changes to/in the market to valuation formulas and specific strategies.
  4. I'll take a stab at it that you are looking for a book such as "The Treasury Bond Basis" by Galen D Burghardt. You can read a preview at Google Books.
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    This looks like exactly what I am looking for and they actually might have it in stock at a Borders which is reasonably close. I am going to pick it up today once the roads have been cleared.

    Thank you.

    I reached my limit on the Google preview before I could tell if it had much about regulation and history. Do you know of other sources that cover those topics? "The Treasury Bond Basis" seems like it will cover using the market and the math. I would also like a good idea of what’s going on behind the scenes.