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  1. what sources do people use for stock picking. dont have to say your strategy, just sources
  2. My source for picking stocks? My brain.

    I use the methods outlined in Journal One and in Journal Two.

    Good Trading to You.

    - Spydertrader
  3. Yahoo Finance, lol.

    It's a matter of going through the stocks and finding what fits the profile.
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    I've tended to accumulate a watchlist over time, I just go through the daily charts on a regular basis looking for interesting set-ups, and set alerts for myself.
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    I regularly read the 3rd party columns at Hardrightedge, the daily Morning Trader link. If I like some of the recommendations, I will add to my watchlist too.
  6. thx much.
    Spydertrader, dont you enter shorts?
    do you use another system?
  7. I frequently shorted stocks in 2005, but focused on The Long Side in Journal One with respect to posted trades. When I started the Journal (2004), I never expected the process to continue beyond two weeks. Hence, I opted to focus on the most important points of the system in Journal One (Long Entry). While the Hershey Equities method focuses primarily on Long Entry, documentation exists which provides some detail on shorting (and I have attached those documents within the pages of Journal One). With the advent of Reg SHO, and the scarcity of shares available to short (on occasion), I have focused my efforts on trading from the Long Side in 2006. With Journal Two, I placed the focus on assisting others to trade the methods outlined, compared to focusing on my own trading, as I did in Journal One. Inviting others to share their interpretations, efforts and results benefits everyone following the discussion and continues to add value to the thread.

    I obtain 100% of my income from trading the methods outlined in Journals One and Two.

    - Spydertrader
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  9. I mostly use IBD's top 100 list to do my swing trades out of. I am trialing Worden and really like it so far too.
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