source that reports S&P max pain?

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  1. Wondering if anybody has a lazy man's way of getting the S&P max pain or SPY would be OK, too. Thanks.
  2. download an options analysis tool such as options oracle, type in SPY in the quote box, click on the max pain button.
  3. so where is the max pain?
  4. you know. max.
  5. around 970 for November expiration and around 1000 for December.
  6. HLB


    what is "max pain"? never heard

    Thanks in Advance
  7. 12% advance in 5 days is possible in this market. we shall see.

    if friday late day sell-off was like that on oct-27 when the market zoomed up the next day, spy 97 by expiration will become a reality.
  8. 12% in either direction is possible in a single day!
  9. there is this very popular internet site that allows you to search the internet to find an explanation for "max pain" i think that site begins with the letter g but i forget the name. when you get on it just type in "what is option max pain" and i'm sure you'll find an answer to your question.
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