Source of EIA (Energy Information Administration) data?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by wdudziak, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. wdudziak


    the eia (energy information administration) releases data every wednesday at ~10:30am ET.

    Where can a person a news feed of their press releases the moment (within 5 seconds) of the release? suggesting a pay service is fine.

  2. uhh what about the eia website??
  3. wdudziak


    that was my first thought, but i doubt that their web-developers will get the info out that fast.

    i'll watch the developments this week, and i'll report back whether or not their website reported the instant the news was released.

    in the meantime, any additional suggestions are appreciated.
  4. yes their website absolutely does do that
  5. Shagi


    Is it correct Crude Inventories is out tomorrow @ 11 ET ?
  6. Shagi


  7. It should be a day late due to the holiday this week. Ususally it's at 1030 or 1035.
  8. wdudziak


    thanks guys. i'll be watching it tomorrow @ 11am when they say they will release.
  9. wdudziak


    that was pretty cool... they released it on their website at the second (although their server clocks were 5 seconds off)

    thanks for everyone's help!