Source for intraday data on the web?

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    Does anyone know of a source for intraday data on the web (20 minute delayed is ok). I know there are a lot of chart sites out there, but how about one that has the OHLC on a 1 minute basis that you don't have to mouse over the chart for?


  2. try
  3. If you have a paid subscription to livecharts (the cheap one) you can export the data from that. For 1 minute OHLC, they have a little over a day at a time.

    You can also use many quote sources such as IQFeed, CyberTrader, myTrack, etc, to backfill the data in QuoteTracker, then right click on the chart and export the data. The result will be a CSV file with OHLC data. You can also query QT using a URL instead of having to export to a file for the same data. That would get you up to 5 days of data.
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    That backfill is nice, unfortunately, I need something that sequires no paid subscription and can be accessed directly on the web.

    Any more suggestions?
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  6. they seem to return variable time OHLC. Not lined up on the minute. No idea why.
  7. whowah


    I signed up with lycos finance livecharts for free. There is also a pay version available.

    It has intraday data on NASDAQ stocks with no delay and NYSE has a 20 minuite delday.

    The indexes are real time but the futures such as e-mini s &P are delayed 10 minuites or more.

    I use it with metastock pro and paste data to a txt file and import it. It is a clumsy process but it does work.

    hers is a sample of esm3 - june mini s&p 500


    to export data go to chart , export chart, bar data to asci text..

    then save the file.

    the web site is
  8. On the bottom of page it's says that data is 90 second periods.
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    I get "This feature is only available to subscribers. " when I try to do that. You must have some kind of free subscription that's no longer available. When did you sign up for it?
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