Source for Goldman Sachs upgrades/downgrades

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  1. pbj

    pbj no longer publishes Goldman Sachs upgrades/downgrades on its Upgrades/Downgrades Calendar.

    Is there another reliable source for Goldman Sachs upgrades/downgrades that is available pre-market in time for opening orders?

    It seems that this change was made around May 1, 2007. I received this reply from

    >Goldman Sachs has not authorized to publish their ratings changes to
    >our Upgrades/Downgrades Calendar; therefore, you won't see their ratings
    >changes listed there.
    >On occasion, we will make note of a Goldman move on our In Play page,
    >but that is only after we have been able to verify the change through
    >two, independent public sources.
    >Thank you for reading
  2. sim03


    Try StreetInsider. Choose RSS Feeds or e-mail alerts, all free.
  3. Merrill stopped providing their ratings months back too.

    I didn't notice the Goldman change.

    This is a bad trend.
  4. Surdo


    Try The Fly on the wall.
    I have not checked them out in a while, but they were very timely on some ratings changes in the past, I believe they offer a trial.

    el surdo
  5. sim03


    What "bad trend"? The free source I cited still has both GS and ML. Most recent examples from the RSS feed:

    Basic Content
    Goldman Sachs upgrades American Express Company (AXP) to Buy
    07-17-2007 07:38:22 AM

    Goldman Sachs upgrades American Express Company (NYSE: AXP) from Neutral to Buy and raises their price target to $77.
    Stocks Mentioned

    AXP: $61.88
    Change ($): -0.95
    Change (%): -1.51
    Volume: 2900

    Basic Content
    Merrill Lynch Upgrades Dean Foods (DF) to Neutral
    07-16-2007 08:31:16 AM

    Merrill Lynch upgrades Dean Foods (NYSE: DF) from Sell to Neutral.
    Stocks Mentioned

    DF: $31.85
    Change ($): 0.26
    Change (%): 0.82
    Volume: 23200

    There is no "trend". :) :cool:
  6. Yes, Streetinsider does look good, thanks for the tip

    bad trend because, for sure Merrill for one have actively tracked down and threatened to sue those disseminating their research without their permission.

    They yanked them from Briefing and threatened theflyonthewall (don't know where they are now with flyonthewall but if Merril have not yet yanked their ratings, they soon will)

    a while back shut out retail traders from their site - that was a great resource

    Reuters are shutting down their subscription screener in September which was out and out the best of its kind outside of the institutional screeners which cost a fortune.

    Those trends!