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  1. I have just started trading fed fund futures and 30 yr treasury futures. The company I trade with doesn't have charts. They just give me level two quotes. Can someone give me a list of companies that would supply quotes to QuoteTracker? I use QuoteTracker to look at stock charts. Or give me companies where I can get real time intraday charts for futures? Can you also tell me exactly what I need to subscribe to and pay for? I am trying to do this inexpensively to start out. But I want a decent service. Thank you.
    Eddie Gorniak Jr.:confused:
  2. Futuresource / E-signal and CQG are two big ones. However, they are others. If all you need is realtime charts for interest rates your costs should be very reasonable.
  3. Thanks for the help again. I looked at their symbols. I saw fed funds on their list. But I couldn't find electronic 30 yr treasury bonds listed anyplace. The symbol is zbm06 from the CBOT free delayed chart site. I tried to talk to IQ on their site this morning but no one was around. So I followed their instructions and emailed them about 9:00 am. But I haven't received a response yet. I think they charge $20 for basic stock quotes, $20 for basic future quotes, and $53 for CBOT fees. I will check with them. I will also check with esignal. And a friend said many of the traders at the CBOT use CQG. So I might as well check with them too.
    Thanks again everyone for the help.
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    Open IB account, you can use their datafeed for QT!