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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by mr19, Oct 30, 2008.

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    I currently run a CVS repository at home but I am looking to move it off to something like Anybody have any experience with sites such as this?

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    Thanks, never heard of git/github before.

    I was planning on switching over to svn at cvsdude but i'll have to do a little digging around now.
  4. I've used csvdude before for my personal software development (the free version). Their servers were reliable and their customer service was great. They responded promptly to my problems even though I wasn't a pay customer. BTW, I don't know if they really do CVS any more. I think they're all SVN now.

    If I were running a start-up I'd consider using cvsdude for my code repository.

    I've since moved my code base to googlecode since they have gobs and gobs of free SVN storage. Only catch is it all has to be open sourced. Not a problem for me.

    I use the Tortoise client for both, which rox as well.
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    Yeah, I'm not going the opensource route which eliminated several options. I was planning on going SVN anyways so I'm ok with that at CVSdude. At the very least I'm curious to learn a bit about this git thing.
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    mercurial (hg) is also nice and they have a Tortoise client. Best thing about it is you do not need a dedicated server.
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