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  1. Hello all,

    As we are moving towards complete leave out of datafeed-related business, there is a decision to sell out some software programs of ours to 3rd parties.

    First one is Dynastore for (ex-"Dynastore for QFeed"). It's a realtime feeder for Tradestation 4, SuperCharts 4, Tradestation 2000i and Metastock Pro 6.52, 7.x, 8.x. It uses RT and history data from Lycos/

    What's included to the package to sale:
    - Complete source code of Dynastore for The code is well documented and structurized. Original code is made with MS Visual C++ 6.0 and can be compiled into a working program without any modifications;
    - The list of existing cutomers (names and emails). Some email
    addresses might be outdated, of course. The total number is over 500.
    - Additional programs are included as binaries (dliface.exe - a
    program for OMZ creation and virtual port driver for direct feeding
    of TS4). These programs can not be sold out as source code, but the complete explanation how to work with them from the inside of the program is included;
    - Any needed consultuation regrding a source code will be provided for up to 3 months.
    - Instructions on protecting the compiled program, the utilite for
    protection and key generation.

    What's not included:
    - Any source code related to the other data feeds;
    - Any protection source code;

    Kind regards,
    Dynastore Software
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    DB, is this a hint that is in trouble?

  3. Nitro,

    I don't think so. At least they're not more in trouble then 2 years ago :D

    As I said, we're selling out our datafeed-related software packages to concentrate on order execution software only - we just don't have too much resources to continue with all packages.

    Other programs will be on sale later. Only this one is prepared for an immediate sale meantime.

  4. 20k start price ... let's see
    - you sold apparently 500 licenses so far over the last
    years; that is 90k revenue (minus taxes)
    - the feed brought no major developments
    recently, so it probably will be hard to get new customers
    for (vs. esignal ...)
    - OmegaResearch has discontinued it's 2000i products.
    TS 7 has it's own datafeed.

    I think it will be hard to get a new customer base.
    Don't you think nearly 30% of your total revenues last years is a bit much ?
  5. We did not sell this program since 01/01/2002, so these 500 customers were those who bought a program in 2000-2001

    We are continiously receiving requirements to start a sale of this program again, so 2 weeks ago we did this with a reduced price ($180 instead of original $250) and have a dozen of new customers for the first 10 business days without any advertising.

    Dynastore feeds not only TS2k, but TS4, SuperCharts4, Metastock Pro as well.

    And we include several know-hows not used in any competitor program, for example way to feed TS4/SC4 directly without modifying original Omega package and usage of any hardware like additional COM ports and lap-link cables.

    By the way, there are very big number of people who do not want to upgrade to TS7, even from TS4.

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    I hope you continue to support the IQFeed version for TS2Ki. IMHO, it was one of the best $120 I have spent.

    Regardless or your decision, best of luck in future endeavors.