Soundest financial system: Canada

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    "The World Economic Forum in October ranked Canada’s financial system the soundest in the world."

    "Toronto-based Royal Bank of Canada is now the third- biggest bank in North America by market value, almost three times the size of Citigroup, while Toronto-Dominion Bank ranks fifth. Royal Bank is almost three times bigger than European lenders Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc and Deutsche Bank AG."
  2. I am happy to know there are countries in better shape.
    HEY maybe our bankers can fly to canada to learn some banking.
  3. Daal


    World Economic Forum?Maybe its time to short canandian banks
  4. gangof4



    to pander to congress and Obama, they'd have to drive hybrids to the border and then hitchhike the rest of the way.
  5. Cutten


    Canada's banks are the piano players in the brothel raid. They'll come for them last, but they WILL come for them.
  6. tradersboredom

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    Canadian banks and the financial system is vey regulated.

  7. Maybe Canadian banks will come for them - at 2 cents on the dollar.