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  1. Woody


    I am having a problem with the audio on one of my computers. When I first start the computer, the sound works OK, but at some point in the day, the sound just stops working. For example, I do not get any sound on order fill notification, price alerts, e-mail, etc. Any ideas why the sound would stop working at some point during the day. This happens every day now.
  2. opm8


    I'm guessing some sort of conflict arises during the day that isn't there at startup. Can you correlate starting up some program with the sound disappearance? Or is your computer just up and running on its own when this happens?

  3. Woody


    Thanks for responding opm8. I have not been able to correlate the problem with starting other programs. As weird as it sounds, it seems to just happen as the computer is running on its own. I have tried running the windows trouble shooter, but have not been able to resolve the problem.
  4. opm8


    Hmmm. Have you tried re-installing your sound card driver?

  5. Woody


    I recently did a clean install of win 2000 pro and installed the sound card driver at that time. The problem was present before and after the recent clean install. I will try re-installing the sound card driver again.
  6. Could be a shared IRQ issue. You could always try moving the soundcard to a different slot.
  7. It's not inconceivable you're sound card has an intermittant that's heat related. You may be getting a dropout if the circuit that handles the output overheats. If you, try subbing a different sound card (even a cheapie) for a day and see what happens.
  8. zxcv1fu


    Try to re-seat the card, sometimes it is loose then you will have intermitent problem.

    Check support in your card mfg web site for solution also.
  9. TGregg


    Another way to check this good possibility is to reboot once you notice your sound is dead. If it comes back OL, your problem is prolly not heat-related.
  10. Woody


    Thanks guys for all of the help. I just re-installed the driver which required me to re-boot. The sound returned for a few minutes and then within 5 to 10 minutes was gone again. I will try each or your recomendations and report back.
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