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  1. I sometimes write computer programs that express price data as a series of sound tones. I wonder if by hearing I might detect price patterns that I do not detect visually or by computer algorithms.

    I do not think sound methods are superior to other computer trading systems.

    If you have any ideas about how sound might be used to build a trading system please let me know.

    Price values are proportional to frequency. Greater price values are associated with higher frequencies.

    Each mp3 sound file represents 5 years of weekly closing stock prices adjusted for splits and dividends, beginning 5 December 2003 and ending 1 December 2008.

    Stocks are FNM, C, AXP, GE, and one file has them all together.

    Each mp3 file is about 65 KB in size and of about 16 seconds duration.

    You can listen to and download the mp3 files here:

    FNM weekly price data 5 years.mp3

    GE weekly price data 5 years.mp3

    AXP weekly price data 5 years.mp3

    C weekly price data 5 years.mp3

    All together.
    AXP, C, FNM, GE weekly price data 5 years.mp3
  2. Tums


    This is my sound for a deteriorating market.
  3. vita


    I've integrated 4 short sound clips (<1s) into my setup. Three are for the neutral, uptrend, and downtrend regimes. The 4th alerts a significant change in the trend, the market is in, which can be used an exit signal. Once in a trend, the sound alert continues to beep with each confirming price data unless something changes. I've found the audio alerts complementary to the setup particularly when one needs to temporarily move away from the station.