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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Bluedog, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Bluedog


    I am trying to set up sound alerts for executions and stuff. Looking for some cool trading related wav files for sound alerts.

    Any links will be appreciated. :cool:

  2. mokwit


  3. Thanks mokwit,

    That's a cool link.

    I myself make my own sound alerts for trading via using sounds from my environment (household and neighborhood).

    My favorite sound is my 2 year old screeming in french and attempting to count to five...

    Then yelling JUMP in english.

    I use that to automatically start everyday at 09:29:54am est.

    Just prior to the opening bell :cool:

  4. Anyone has anything to add here? I sure am looking for some cool packs of trading-related soundbites to use.
  5. john99


    I use duke nukem's voice on my simulator which is funny. On my real account I made my own sound alerts which I use to alert me of tick extremes, block trades, crossovers, and trendline breaks.
    If you want the link for the duke nukem sound bites PM me.
  6. john99