Sound alerts in Excel?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by alanm, Jun 6, 2005.

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    In Excel, I want to play a sound when a particular cell exceeds a specific value.

    Other than using the Worksheet_Change() function, is there a more "built-in" (i.e. more efficient) method of setting alerts on a particular cell (kind of like conditional formatting, but triggering a function instead)? I hate to have Worksheet_Change() fire every time a change in one of thousands of cells occurs when all I'm interested in is a handful of them if there's a better way (that I'm currently unable to find).
  2. I barely know any VBA, so please forgive my ignorance, but it seems like you could use it to accomplish this. Perhaps name the cell an array and then run some code that checks the cell and or plays a sound if it meets your criteria.
  3. 1. There is vba timer event for excel (and other vba software) on the net... locate that...

    2. put it into a sub that calls another sub every x seconds... the second sub measures the value of a specific cell...

    3. if the value in that cell meets or exceeds your critieria then play a wave file with windows api sound handler also available on the net...

    worked for us... pretty straight forward... a client paid us to build it... for em...


    good codin...

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    Thanks people. Mr. Subliminal's post was the concept I was looking for - running the function that triggers the sound only when a certain cell is updated.